Hello! I’m Jason and I’m an industrial student studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. I love to work with my hands and fabricate, but I’ve always had the urge to learn new things and explore other paths that have not so tangible final results. Design to me is a never-ending adventure, it lives off of the old, the new, the challenges, and most importantly, the people. I truly believe that good design can not be achieved through one person, and what separates a good designer from a great designer, is one’s ability to communicate and collaborate. And that's why I am so grateful that I have been blessed with my school and more importantly, my peers that inspire me every day. Design is everywhere, from a 400-ton space station orbiting hundreds of miles above us, to a 4-ounce phone a couple of inches from you, design is always working with you, and for me to be contributing to that, really makes me proud to call myself a designer.